Monday, June 17, 2013

So I finally have time to write a little about the Harriet Kelsall Jewellery shop job back in September of last year. A short timescale and mass of furniture to make meant that the midnight oils were burning a lot in those nine weeks of the build. Eventually i think it was all worth it though, the end result looks great. I certainly cant take all of the credit though, the shop was designed by Callum Lunsden who has worked with the likes of Mary portas! There were a lot of great people involved to make it what it is today. Adi the site carpenter was a wizz with a chop saw and belt sander to smarten up the place before our cabinets went in. Melvin the electrician knows his way around a wire. Then there were plumbers, tilers, decorators not to mention the site manager Tim Alban.

The site has now been transformed into a haven for custom made jewellery, easily one of if not the best place in the country to go if you want a piece made. I only wish one day S. Nicholl Furniture will have a show room quite so grand.

Building the cabinets took a long time but finally they were taken over to paint. The oak has a stain applied which was colour matched on site to compliment the buildings exposed beams and then a coat of lacquer to make sure it could withstand some punishment. As you can see there was a lot of glass involved which took some careful handling during installation.

It was so close to the line as the timescale was really short. We actually had delivery of the uv bonded glass cabinet during the press launch but that was the only thing that was late (if only by half an hour).

It just goes to show that S. Nicholl Furniture can handle large jobs as well as small. It was a pleasure and a great compliment to get such a job, if our furniture is good enough to display such lovely jewellery i think it was a job well done.

Many thanks to all involved, and a special thanks to Luke Harding of Moss Furniture for helping with the fitting.

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