Monday, October 13, 2014

chainsaw milling

So we have recently started chainsaw milling some amazing English hardwoods. Despite trees falling naturally or being felled every day our native hardwoods are mostly used for fire wood. It is such a shame and we at S. Nicholl Furniture strive to change this fate if not only for a few trees every now and then. It also seems to make little sense that the majority of timber used in England is American. It seems that shipping it from the U.S. is somehow cheaper and more viable than cutting timber here. Now don't get me wrong we are not keen on clear felling but the selective use of trees that are destined to be felled because of natural reasons or even ones that have blown down from high winds are prime for planking, drying and converting into fine furniture.

With the setup that we are using we are able to get to and plank trees that would be difficult to get to with heavy machinery. We are able to walk to a felled tree, plank it and carry it away.

This has allowed us to offer a service of cutting a tree that has been felled on a customers land, planking it, drying it and eventually turning it into some furniture for them. Creating a very personal, and beautiful piece for their home.

Here are some photos of us at work and our recent haul of walnut.